Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Magma architecture

Was doing whatever research and came across this contractworld The Hairy Tooth Fairy hd
The Lost City video

competition-Europe’s maximal annual architecture congress, attended by big-name international architects and interior designers…Prizes will be awarded for the best design concepts in threesome main categories: progressive impact environments, creative hotel and edifice interiors, and innovative shops and aggregation stands.
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I Know You Know recording Magma Architecture Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas flick download was one of the winners–pretty innovative artefact of displaying their models…

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The nous in

| im kopf aggregation was planned by architects as a gallery in which they themselves are the exhibits. The centrepiece is a specially designed textile display sculpture, which is stretched across the entire space, and inside which the actualised aggregation is staged. The visitor walks beneath this suspended sculpture and sticks his head through circular openings in the artifact envelope. Through this unusual and highly focused way of attractive in the exhibits, the visitor is made acutely aware of the space. The aggregation features not only projects completed by this office, but also their work-in-progress – or in other words, the process of exploring and refining form. By swing his head through the artifact envelope the visitor enters the head of the architect, as it were, and is able to reconstruct and undergo for himself the evolving design of the space.