Friday, January 22, 2010

Why? Pink For Girls And Blue For Boys!

Choosing the right colour scheme for babies and toddler's rooms continue to use the colours associated with each gender, namely blue for boys and pink for girls! But where did this stereotype originate from?

After searching and delving the history associated with these colours I have found it fascinating! In a nutshell:

Prior to WW1 it was common to dress boys in pink and girls in blue! After WW1 the colours reversed as many military uniforms were blue, this became the predominant colour for boys as it showed masculinity and strength, whilst advertising campaigns encouraged women to show their femininity and wear pink!

As we strive to reduce stereotypical assumptions, many nurseries are using pale green or sunshine yellow, however it remains 'habit' for splashes of either pink or blue to be added according to the gender of the baby!

Green tab top curtains coordinate beautifully with pink, as such these colour combinations are being found in many rooms of people's homes, not just nurseries and children's bedrooms. Whilst boys bedrooms are rarely pink, interior designers are using bold colours such as post office red, orange and even black to create inspirational kid's rooms which break the boundaries of use of colour without treading on the toes of those who remain steadfast in their stereotypical assumptions!

Image: Belle Maison